Where are you based?

I currently live in Minneapolis, MN in a beautiful 1940’s home. L'Etoile du Nord has always been the place I call home.


How much does it cost to travel to our wedding?

Traveling is a passion of mine and I end up traveling for a large amount of the weddings I photograph. To keep things simple, travel costs are included for any wedding 150 miles around Minneapolis. This includes cities such as Duluth, Eau Claire, St.Cloud, Rochester. Anywhere else in the continental U.S. or International is applicable to travel fees. Check out my pricing page for the latest info. I have a deep respect for travel and cultures, so no wedding is too far. Just inquire for more information.


Do you travel for sessions besides weddings?

Absolutely, get in touch using the contact form.


Do you shoot film?

Film has always been an important part of my photography practice, and I'm happy to offer it as an add-on to any wedding. While I do shoot most weddings 100% digitally, the aesthetic of film has inspired everything from my shooting style to my post-production. For a full list of the film gear I use, check out this page.


How many photos do you deliver and what's your turnaround time?

For a wedding, I typically deliver around 600-800 images. This varies with things like package length and the number of guests. 

Regarding turnaround time, my goal is to hit the 4 week mark in the Spring and Winter, but during peak season (May - October), turnaround can be up to 6 weeks due to the high volume of work.


Do you offer albums?

Absolutely, I love designing albums. You can read more about the archival albums I produce in my pricing guide.


Do you offer prints?

Yes. Along with being able to purchase through me, each package includes a print release for you to make prints for personal use.


Do you work with second shooters? Who are they?

A second shooter can be added to any package, including travel. I have a small group of trusted professionals whom I work with. Each is a tried and true photographer in their own right, and I have the utmost confidence in them performing to a similar level as myself.


Do you have insurance?

Of course; both equipment and liability coverage.


Do you have backup gear?

There is always a backup camera body in my bag, and I shoot with multiple lens throughout the day. My camera also saves photographs to two separate memory cards while shooting, ensuring your memories are captured safely.

What inspires you?

Kodak colors, timeless aesthetics, new experiences, tough questions, personal growth, and a serious dose of global inspiration.