Josh Olson

a wedding photographer based in minneapolis, mn that focuses on telling the unique love stories of incredible individuals worldwide.  


In all facets of my work, I always strive to tell a story. For weddings, that means telling not only the story of an event - but one of two people who’ve spent countless hours together, developing their own adventure. Your photos should be a direct reflection of your relationship - timeless, emotional, and authentic.

 I believe in keeping things simple, and work in a way that allows you to appreciate your day and its details, while I capture everything in a modern journalistic style. I want you to be able to relive the valuable moments of your wedding, both seen and unseen, through your photos.

 When I’m not photographing a couple’s best day ever, you can often find me at a coffee shop talking with other creatives, processing film in my home darkroom, or finding innovative ways to improve my craft. My photography isn’t just my career, it’s my life, and I can’t wait to make it part of yours.




Art is most alluring when the philosophies of the creator permeate through the work. The work I create is both a reflection of myself and of your true self. A collaboration inspired by your story. 

My foremost aim is creating memorable photographs and a natural, stress-free experience. I'm often told that I’m a calming presence on a wedding day. I enjoy being there for couples, be it providing support, advice, or positivity. All I ask for is your trust, with which I aim to photograph the moments of in-between, emotional intricacies, and familiar subtleties.

I invite you to do your wedding your way, elope in the greater north, have a punk show with all your friends, party with an entire village. Weddings aren’t meant to be forced into a box, and neither are your photos. Regardless the situation, I will always bring my best, and strive to be the best possible person I can be. To never stop innovating, educating, and to always stand up for others. To create images with intention and heart.

Witnessing love and celebrations in its countless forms has gifted me the opportunity to study people; to indulge social and cultural anthropology. As someone who academically studied Documentary Photography, this is incredibly fulfilling. These experiences have helped broaden my outlook on the world, & as such, I deeply respect the individuals, cultures, and traditions I encounter. I’m a believer in equality, that everyone should have freedom to expression, intimacy, and spirituality.

My ultimate hope in life is to have the empathy, intentionality, and emotional intelligence to reach across continental, cultural, and societal barriers.


If any of this connected with you, regardless if your wedding is in the neighborhood or a foreign city across the world, I would love to talk with you.



Since 2017, J.Olson Weddings has been a climate positive business through the purchase of Carbon Credits.

Every month, credits are purchased from TerraPass to mitigate emissions generated by air travel, commuting, and studio utilities. TerraPass uses proceeds from these purchases to fund greenhouse gas reduction projects such as wind farms and methane digesters. Each year, J.Olson Weddings offsets over 16 metric tons of greenhouse gases, and actively looks for new ways to reduce carbon emissions.



My wedding photography has been featured on Junebug.com and has been published in Together Journal magazine, as well as other publications online and in-print.


a few favorite things

  • Art museums

  • Aimless conversation

  • Antique cameras

  • Intimate gatherings

  • Good design

  • Indie comics

  • Illustrators

  • Old homes

  • Miyazaki & Wes Anderson movies

  • The Legend of Zelda

  • Suntory whisky


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

Minor in Art History

I studied history because I sought answers; I wanted to be aware of the world and my role in it.



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