Minneapolis Event Center Wedding Photographer




Most likely if you’re reading this, you are probably sitting down and planning your wedding and thinking about all the possibilities you'll have for your wedding/reception at the Minneapolis Event Center. It's an incredibly exciting time.

One thing you've likely considered, is who might be a good fit as a wedding photographer?




My name is Josh and I’m a photographer, and an artist. Some people call me "J" for short. I'm passionate about documenting real stories, and narrative has always been a part of my artistic practice. This focus on storytelling led me to photographing events, and discovering weddings. Aside from the joy I get from being able to document celebrations, the inner anthropologist in me loves weddings. Weddings give me the opportunity to witness raw and intimate connections, partake in cultural traditions, and collaborate creativity in so many different forms.




If you’re looking for a photographer, and if wedding photography is incredibly important to you, then, please, shoot me an e-mail; I would love to hear more about your wedding and your wedding vision. You can reach me here: Contact.

If you'd like to see some more of my work, then keep scrolling down for some of my recent stories.

I look forward to hearing yours.